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I gots me the monday bug

Hmmm...of the Day
"Riches are chiefly good because they give us time."
-Charles Lamb

I. There it is on my resume. Professional slacker 93 - present
I took the afternoon off from work...said i felt like i was coming down with something. in truth, i just didn't feel like being in the office today...dunno why, don't care either. i'm thinking of using a sick day this week...the only question is when. i could be european and take it midweek or go for the always good long weekend. hmm...decisions...

II. some thoughts...
- How do you 'thug' someone?
- I wonder how pissed the cleaning lady is with me? i have crap strewn all over my cubicle from loose notepaper, paper basketballs, old newspapers, and copious amts of empty soda cans. they're there fri when i leave and gone mon. morning. maybe i should tip her.
- I'm thinking of relearning french. i can still read and write it fine, but my speaking and especially my listening skills are fading fast. it would be nice to know what people are saying when they're badmouthing americans. i would've liked to have learned other languages when i was young, it's suppose to be easier. i'm definitely making my kids learn like 10 different languages before they're teens.

III. How bout them Pats?
The pats have made some good signings this offseason. i don't think they spent too much (tyrone poole excluded, that's a crap signing) and they got some quality guys. i'm really excited about roosevelt colvin joining the team and i think rodney harrison has been one of the top safeties in the league for some time now, though he was injured and is getting old. nevertheless, he's a nasty hitter...however, with him on board we now have a jam at the position. one of the incumbents is gonna have to go, which sucks. it's tough, i like lawyer better but he's older...eh, glad it's not my job. here's hoping we get some good value in return, maybe shore up the o-line or d-line or a better 2nd receiver.
Baseball's a little over a week away. This is the year for the sox.
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