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Stupid babies need the most attention

Hmmm...of the Day
"A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful."
- Goethe

I. So I sez to W...
I got a call from George today...I was starting to worry because i haven't heard from him since this war campaign started. and he sounded really stressed...he was talking a mile a minute, gone was that affectionate texas drawl. so i said to him, "hey bushie (that's what i call him, he calls me yellow-boy..it's our thing), take them ants out of your chaps and right your horse! relax!" and with that he did. i thought i heard snorting but that might have been the connection. i continued and said, "lay it on me buddy..what's eating you?" He went on about how Rumsfeld is embarrassing him, how much the war is costing, they can't find saddam, how his citizens hate him, how the world hates him, how laura won't get near him, how he can't find Cheney, how he can't find Waldo, and the twins...he went off for like 20 minutes on them (mostly reminiscing about being 20 and being the child(ren) of a president). When he rested to take a breath, i just told him, "Bushie, you just need some r&r, you need to get away from all that stuff right now. You've been doing too much. You got people there who can handle it, hell, they've been handling it this whole time, they know what to do. you just need to worry about yourself, so get your ass back to Texas and take it easy. do some riding, some fishing, have a barbecue, whatever." he said i was right and that he was already at his ranch in Crawford. What's more, he's sending Air Force 1 to come pick me up and take me out there. so i hung up and rushed home to pack. feels good to help someone.

II. Have you seen a tall, lanky doofus with a bird face and hair like the bride of Frankenstein?
Got out of the shower today and was shocked to see the state of my hair. I got this mad scientist, albert einstein fro going. i'm getting a haircut today.

III. I cahn't stop her, captain!
So, it looks like I might need new brakes for my car. apparently the bed sheets out the windows thing is not adequate. everytime i need to stop quick or on some sort of incline, my brakes grind. this sucks, more money spent of the bloody rice rocket.

IV. Extra! Extra! Homestate news!
- Framingham Lou got shipped to San Diego. yup, Merloni got waived by the sox and the padres claimed him. true, he graduated from framingham south but i still liked him. i'm gonna miss screaming out Lou! at fenway but he might get the chance for more playing time in socal. he spent his entire career in the sox org. but now he has a chance to redeem his "mockery" of a career. go flyers!
- Miss Massachusetts won the Miss USA pageant sometime this week. apparently she's from Lawrence so that just confirms the fact that these things aren't judged on smarts. (ooh...i'm sorry, that was bad) She's gonna represent the US at the Miss Universe pageant, not a bad start to a career of soap opera guest spots and being a Trump trophy-wife.
- BTW, there's another Miss Massachusetts from Lawrence in another pageant coming up. yeah, she's going to be vying for the title of Miss Crack-Whore USA to be broadcasted live from under the boardwalk at Atlantic City.
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