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Update of the Trivial

I. I actually got some sleep last night. first time all week; hit the pillow around 10:30 and slept through til morning. got into work and started counting the hours til my long weekend begins. I got one more as of this post. today has been spent watching cnn and surfing the web. through the course of the day, the following things have struck me...

II. a ball, a rock, a bird, a cab
Nah, i'm just kidding. but while searching for cds and songs i would like to get, be it through piracy or record stores; i'm really mourning the loss of CDNow. i loved that site; it had a comprehensive collection of data on domestic and import cds from track listings (some even w/time) to obscure artists. but ever since amazon bought it, there's no more simple album listings and too much crap on screen: i don't give a flying fuck that i can save a buck if i buy another in conjunction or what sexydude8765 thinks about a cd. christ, i swear that amazon and ebay are gonna take over all of internet shopping in the near future if they haven't already. i thought they were reporting losses, so why do i get rerouted to either one everytime i click on a link.

III. {whew} that rant felt good
So, i typed into the LJ search for ppl who share the same interest (i'm not even going to try and figure out those numbers) and got a list in return. Here's what i found: many are chicks (huh), many are animal lovers (like serious animal lovers, like obsessive and constantly writing abt their cats), and many are chicks who are animal lovers. I don't know the correlation of all this but it was not what i expected. either i fucked up, have to tweak my interests, or face up to the fact that deep down i'm really a chick that should be writing about my cat(s). hmm...(note to self) buy a cat or swipe one.

IV. I'll trade you...
I've noticed that adding ppl to the friends list is kinda like collecting shit like stamps or cards. You feel great when you can add someone to your list and you're wicked psyched when someone adds you. since a LJ list is like a collection, i propose a system of trading. Cause i have a couple i wouldn't mind unloading, a couple that are not producing, a couple that are just riding the pine, and a couple that are pissing me off. there are those fuckers who haven't reciprocated an add or are just bums. i'm not gonna name names...yeah i am. so, i would package all these jokers (abandoned_alien, tarman, timsushi, mantaur) for an allstar LJer. hell, i'll even toss in guinnessfloat for a prospect. and educatedidiot, if you don't produce better quality then i'm selling you to japan. the others on my squad are safe. that is all
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