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Update of the Mundane

"Society's not going to make any progress until we all pretend to like each other."
- Leela

"When will man learn...that all races are inferior to robots."
- Bender

I. Dare i hope that spring is here?
it's been 3 straight days of 40+ weather; there's gonna be a cold spell tomorrow but it's gonna warm up again. goodbye wool socks, goodbye snowboots, goodbye icescraper. mother nature better not be yanking my dick cuz if it snows again, i'm stealing an exxon semi and drive it cross-country and crash it into the alaskan preserve. eh, maybe not...i'll just stop recycling.

II. WooHoo! Walsh Wildcats, yeah.
Remember hypercolors? how bout those class t-shirts from eighth grade, y'know, those with the big class year (91) and everyone's name in it? and those assholes who wrote their names big? oh, and bugle boys and b.u.m. equipment and lame surf-brand clothes (OP and gotcha). my mom went through my old clothes to find hand me downs for my brother. also, found some gems i still don't want to part with, especially my old yellow mickey mouse shirt from disneyworld or the old expo '86 from vancouver. true i probably can't even use them as bandanas but still, those bad boys are keepers. i think i'll dig through the attic to find some other shit from my youth in my spare time, should be interesting. ah...memories....
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